Virtual Wings Pacific 

Virtual Wings Pacific is a Flight Simulator Centre that allows Aviation Enthusiasts to fly an aeroplane anywhere in the world. We are confident in ensuring that you have the best flight experience available! Fly an airline Airbus A320 or a full-motion Cessna C172 G1000! We have many exciting simulators to choose from!

Virtual Wings Pacific is staffed by experienced, professional pilots that share your passion for aviation. Our staff will help you plan your flight, answer your questions and provide mentorship and guidance.

At Virtual Wings Pacific, will soon provide Professional Pilot Training from ab-initio to ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot) and offer our program to all airlines from around the world that need new pilots for their fleet. We will cover renewal crew pilot licence for First Officer and Captains. Our team has been carefully selected and they comprise of highly trained, committed and passionate individuals who have been hand-picked over many years, all of whom have been selected for specific roles. They all are skilled specialists and CASA certified instructors to provide flying and simulator training. Due to Virtual Wings diversity, the team consist of many different specialised personal skills:

  • Heavy Airline Cockpit Instructors and CASA approved Examiners

  • Light Aircraft Instructors and CASA approved Examiners

  • Classroom Ground Instructors


Our senior management team has the depth and breadth of aviation and corporate experience to drive and grow a training organisation, combined with excellent consultants, designers, technicians and training crew.

Knowledge & Experience:
No experience or knowledge required for enthusiast flights. An instructor will provide you with information on the day of your flight and will be adjusted to your level of experience.

What is Expected:

Our certified Virtual Wings instructors will assist you with everything need to know on your arrival. A short brief before your chosen section of time will be given. Best to arrive 15 minutes before your selected date and time, as it varies to whether you wish to travel to a particular destination or scenic flight. Remember to fill in all documents before flight. 



 a new Flight Training Facility 

Virtual Wings Pacific welcomes you to our Melbourne based flight simulator training facility that is confident in ensuring you to have the best flight experience available! Fly one of our many simulators, such as the airliner Airbus A320 or the Full-Motion Cessna 172 G1000. Fly anywhere around the world!

Virtual Wings Pacific is a Melbourne based flight training company. Our services will include airline cadet programs, pilot endorsements and currency. Furthermore, we also provide enthusiasts with an opportunity to fly in a real cockpit anywhere around the world in one of our simulators.

Virtual Wings Pacific hopes to be your one-stop-shop for aviation demands. Our facility will soon provide aviation medical renewals from a CASA certified doctor within our facility.


Our brand-new state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in Melbourne’s south-east placing it within a stone through of Melbourne’s main training airport, Moorabbin, we are also a short distance from all of Melbourne’s significant airports.

At Virtual Wings Pacific, we are also open to enthusiasts that can have the opportunity to fly anywhere around the world in our simulators. Our focus is to ensure that you have the best flight experience as they are equipped with the latest technology to provide incredible realistic high definition scenery and motion characteristics, equipped with the latest technology to ensure your learning experience with Virtual Wings Pacific is state-of-the-art.

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At Virtual Wings Pacific we offer our students exclusive use of our Mercedes Benz 12 Seat Mini Bus for pick up and drop off services within the Melbourne metropolitan region. On-site parking for students is also available.

Contact Us for availability.